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Adam & Steve – what goes up, must come down

St Paul’s Church in Malmö Sweden changed its mind a few days after installing Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin’s Paradise as an altarpiece and took it down. The painting depicts two gay couples in the Garden of Eden instead of the traditional Adam and Eve. We liked to think of them as Adam & Steve and Madam …

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Church installs altarpiece: Adam & Steve and Madam & Eve

On Monday, St Paul’s Church in Malmö Sweden unveiled its new altarpiece. The painting is by lesbian Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin and entitled Paradise. It portrays the Garden of Eden. However, rather than Adam and Eve, it shows a male and a female couple with a transgender person playing the role of the snake. We like …


Webcamming Part 3: The artist formerly known as Dickelangelo

It takes a lot to stand out on a platform where people perform nearly every legal sex act known to humankind and then some. However, Brent Ray Fraser, the artist formerly known as Dickelangelo stands out by an unusual combination of two elements that do often go together. Art and nudity. But he doesn’t necessarily …

Daniel Cordner

HIV positive artist Daniel Cordner: ‘Nothing about us, without us’

Australian artist and person living with HIV (PLHIV), Daniel Cordner, recently shared his poignant story of personal growth. After the shame and fear of an HIV diagnosis, Daniel interpreted his turn around via a live drawing representation of his ‘positive experience’ at an HIV event in Melbourne. The idea came from a friend and fellow …

Pride Queer Art Exhibition

You’re Invited To Our First Queer Art Exhibition This Month

Looking for a locally-produced piece of queer art for your wall? QNews Magazine is hosting an exhibition of local queer artists’ work to celebrate Pride Month this month. The first Q-Art Pride Exhibition will be launched on September 14 as a free showcase for LGBTIQ artists and queer artwork to help lift their profiles and …

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Queer Art Exhibition During Brisbane Pride Festival

 QNews Magazine will host a queer art exhibition to celebrate Pride Month in Brisbane in September. This year’s Pride Festival kicks off on September 8. The Queer Art Exhibition launches on September 14 as a free showcase for LGBTIQ artists and queer artwork to help lift their profiles and sell their work. QNews Magazine is …