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Manasseh Sogavare Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands: PM’s ‘unease’ over LGBTQIA+ issues

In his annual Independence Day address yesterday, Solomon Islands prime minister Manasseh Sogavare spoke of his unease about LGBTQIA+ issues. Gay sex is illegal in Australia’s near neighbour, punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment, though the law is not enforced. The prime minister said he didn’t want to see LGBTQIA+ issues used as a …

Tongan Flag Bearer Vanuatu

Tongan flag bearer returns but Vanuatu says ‘Hold my flag’

“Tonga won! We can all go home now,” said the internet last night following the much-anticipated appearance of oiled up Tongan flag bearer Pita Taufatofua. But then Vanuatu said ‘hold my flag’ as their own shirtless and oiled Rillio Rii entered the Olympic stadium. Hopefully, Rillio’s Olympic appearance inspires an interest in beautiful Vanuatu equal …

Tongan LGBTIQ+ activist poli kefu

Man charged with murder of Tongan LGBTIQ+ activist Poli Kefu

Police took a man into custody on Saturday night following the murder of Tongan LGBTIQ+ activist Poli Kefu. The much-loved activist was president of the Tongan Leitis Association — a trans advocacy group. He also worked for the Tongan Red Cross Society. A suspect surrendered to police on Saturday night. A homicide investigation began earlier, …

Namsa Leuba third sex

Namsa Leuba’s challenging images of Tahiti’s ‘Third sex’

Namsa Leuba’s latest photo series illustrates the diversity of gender identity in French Polynesia. Namsa photographed both ‘mahu’ (effeminate men) and “rae rae” (transgender) subjects of Tahiti’s famous ‘third sex’ for Illusions: The Myth of the ‘Vahine’ through Gender Dysphoria. Inspired by the paintings of Paul Gauguin, Namsa’s work challenges gender norms. Gauguin depicted Tahitian …

Members of the Pacific Human Rights Initiative are calling for homosexuality to be decriminalised in Pacific Island nations

Calls To Decriminalise Homosexuality In The Pacific Islands

Almost 2000 people have signed a petition calling on the upcoming Pacific Islands Forum to use its influence to back the decriminalisation of homosexuality in seven states in the region. A coalition of LGBTIQ advocates have called for the Pacific Islands Forum, the region’s inter-governmental policy organisation, to “immediately introduce supportive policies to ensure that …