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Take Me Out Jesse Williams

Infrared theatre monitoring after Jesse Williams nude video

A New York theatre this week installed an infrared monitor system following an audience member’s surreptitious filming of a nude scene featuring Jesse Williams. The person who filmed the scene from the Broadway revival of Take Me Out then posted the footage on Twitter. Richard Greenberg’s Tony Award-winning play Take Me Out focuses on a …

Minx Taylor Zakhar Perez Penis on Stan

New show ‘Minx’ is serving up ALL of the full frontal peen on Stan

Streaming service Stan has debuted their new program Minx, featuring more full-frontal penis than we could have expected, especially from new star Taylor Zakhar Perez. This fascinating story follows one woman’s attempts to create the first erotic women’s magazine. And of course, the men who feature in it. Minx: An erotic magazine for women In …

Harry Charlotte And Just Like That Penis

Was Harry’s penis on And Just Like That real or all for show?

And Just Like That fans were surprised by the appearance of Harry’s penis during a recent episode. During episode eight titled ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ Harry and Charlotte show they still have some spark. In a blink and you’ll miss it moment Charlotte and Harry are caught in the bathroom by their daughter. Before the …