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northern ireland lesbian couple wedding

Lesbian couple first to wed in Northern Ireland

A lesbian Belfast couple have made history as they became the first pair to have a legal same-sex wedding in Northern Ireland. Robyn Peoples, 26 and Sharni Edwards, 27 initially booked a civil partnership to take place on the same day. But since Northern Ireland introduced same-sex marriage in October, the two will be able …

first same-sex weddings

First same-sex weddings in Northern Ireland Valentine’s Day 2020

Julian Smith, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland last night signed regulations to enable same-sex marriage. The law takes effect on 13 January and couples must wait a standard 28 days after submitting their intention to marry. Because of that, Northern Ireland will host its first same-sex weddings on Valentine’s Day 2020. Previously, same-sex …

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WATCH: Northern Ireland crowd cheers as same-sex marriage legalised

Northern Ireland’s LGBTIQ community have cheered the country’s same-sex marriage laws finally coming into effect. The reform came into force at the stroke of midnight on Monday (October 21), UK time. That was the moment a deadline elapsed for conservative lawmakers to stop the legislation put in place by MPs in London. Northern Ireland has …

northern ireland gay journalist lyra mckee

Vigils in Northern Ireland for murdered gay journalist Lyra McKee

Vigils have been held across Northern Ireland following the shooting death of gay journalist Lyra McKee, as police search for her killers. The 29-year-old was shot after violence broke out in Londonderry in Northern Ireland on Thursday night. The Police Service of Northern Island attributed the killing to the New Irish Republican Army, a dissident …

Ireland Marriage Equality Rally

Thousands March For Marriage Equality In Northern Ireland

Thousands of people took to the streets of Northern Ireland on Saturday to demand the legalisation of same-sex marriage. A march organised by advocacy group Love Equality took place in central Belfast, with the crowd chanting “Change is on the way” and “You can’t stop change”. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK …

Christoff Gillen

Gay artist fined 6000 pennies for his thoughts

Belfast Council have fined gay artist Christoff Gillen for chalking his thoughts on the pavements in Belfast City Centre. Christoff Gillen wrote the word ‘love’ on the city pavements about 200 times. Council wardens then hit him with a £60 ($A117) fine under anti-graffiti laws. Gillen, 46, told the Belfast Telegraph a friend gave him …