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Nigerian conversion therapy: man flogged until passing out

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nigerian conversion therapy

A Nigerian man told the BBC his ‘conversion therapist’ flogged him until he lapsed into unconsciousness. The interview comes five years after former president Goodluck Johnson signed the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act (SSMPA). Both the man, and a lesbian from the African country, described the practice of Nigerian conversion therapy to the BBC. The SSMPA …

Nigeria LGBTIQ

If you are gay, consider yourself unwelcome in Nigeria. This is the view from the African nation’s police force who say LGBTIQ people should leave the country or be prosecuted. Chief Superintendent and spokeswoman for the Lagos State Police Command Dolapo Badmos delivered this stern warning to the country’s LGBTIQ community via social media. Badmos …

Commonwealth Decriminalisation Petition March

More than 103,000 people have signed a petition calling on dozens of Commonwealth countries to repeal longstanding anti-gay laws. Homosexuality remains illegal in 37 of the 53 Commonwealth countries, with those countries continuing to enforce penal codes first introduced under the British Empire but never repealed. Punishments for LGBTIQ people among the countries include 10 …