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JLO latest star to put $ before LGBTQ+ rights

JLO, previously highly regarded as an LGBTQ+ ally, reportedly accepted £5 million to attend the launch of a new hotel in anti-LGBTQA+ Dubai yesterday. Part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai provides an excellent example of reputation laundering. Totalitarian Middle Eastern regimes sanitise their reputations by throwing money at sports and pop stars whose presence …

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Iran executes gay man on ‘sodomy’ charges, activists say

Iran has executed a gay man after a “sodomy” charge, according to human rights groups. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) claimed that 10 inmates were executed in Rajai Shahr Prison, in the northern city of Karaj, on June 29. Among them was Iman Safari-rad, whom activists say was likely sentenced to death for …

islamic values Multi-coloured toys qatar ministry

Qatar ministry protects citizens from multi-coloured toys

The Qatar Ministry of Commerce and Industry last week confiscated a range of multi-coloured toys they claimed contravened Islamic values. The seizure comes despite the authoritarian emirate stating everyone is welcome at next year’s World Cup. In November, the country also seemed to indicate it would allow rainbow flags at the event. However, the Qatar …

sultan qaboos open secret

Condolences for Sultan Qaboos ignore open secret

As commentators and world leaders pay condolences on the death of Sultan Qaboos of Oman, they ignore the open secret of his sexuality. While lauding his contributions to Middle East peace (whatever that is) and his ability to act as a conduit between warring parties in the region, commentary ignores the repressive regime he ran …