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Homophobic Karen sprays gay couple with holy water in TikTok filmed in Mexico

Homophobic Karen sprays gay couple with holy water, calls police

A homophobic Karen sprayed a gay couple hugging in front of a church with holy water and then called the police in a viral TikTok filmed in Mexico. One of the men, Leonardo Hernández, filmed the confronting encounter and posted it online. “Get out right now! I’m going to call the police,” the woman says …

Nohemi Medina Martinez Yulizsa Ramirez murder of lesbian couple

Protests following torture and murder of lesbian couple

Protestors took to the streets of a Mexican town on Thursday following the torture and murder of a young lesbian couple. The bodies of Nohemi Medina Martinez and Yulizsa Ramirez were dumped beside a highway last week. The two women had been tortured, murdered and dismembered during a visit to Ciudad Juárez to visit family. …

gaysovercovid instagram gay men circuit parties covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

Instagram whistleblower names and shames gay men partying in pandemic

A viral Instagram account naming and shaming gay American men for risky partying during the coronavirus pandemic has sparked backlash online. Worldwide, COVID-19 case numbers continue to skyrocket. Hospitalisations in the US are at record highs, while the UK heads into a strict third lockdown. Mid-last year, an anonymous person set up the Instagram account …