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Wedding Planning Begins For Queensland Couples

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This year’s Sunshine Coast Pride Festival is almost here. Organised by volunteers from the Sunshine Coast Pride Network, this year’s free Fair Day event will be held on Saturday, April 28 at Quota Park in Nambour. The Sunshine Coast Pride Festival is in its 11th year and has a theme this year of “We Are …

Sandy Wert and Chris Symanski

Gay couples across Queensland have begun planning their weddings, the first of which are set to begin in early January.

A series of vile, homophobic letters have been sent to a same-sex couple on the Sunshine Coast. Kirk Muddle and his partner Andrew, who live in Maroochydore, were sent the letters on A4 sheets of paper. The notes suggested that gay people should be “castrated” and that the couple are unable to look after their …