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Madonna in Brisbane on her Rebel Heart Tour in 2016

Fan fury at Madonna’s first Brisbane concert on Rebel Heart Tour

Brisbane Madonna fans have endured another excruciating wait as the nocturnal diva kept them waiting two and a half hours for her first Rebel Heart concert in Brisbane on Wednesday night. Restless fans began booing as the original 9pm start time stretched past 11pm, with Madonna finally emerging on stage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre …

rebel heart

Madonna’s reflections on Rebel Heart promo trail

Hitting the promo trail hard with the impressive new album Rebel Heart, Madonna has served up her thoughts on everything and everyone. Madonna shares her thoughts on: Kanye West: the Black Madonna. Grindr: There are just as many assholes meeting the old-fashioned way as there are meeting in the new hookup culture. Michael Jackson: I …

Madonna on Grindr on Valentine’s Day

Madonna on Grindr Valentine’s Day

Proving once and for all that no one knows her people better, Valentine’s Day saw Madonna on Grindr giving lucky fans a one-on-one Q&A via the hookup app. Five lucky winners took a break from chatting with Grindr’s spambots to hook up with the Material Girl. To win they wrapped their heads in black wire …

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