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From the dawn of time until modern days, history recorded instances of same sex love, diverse sexualities and genders. LGBTIQ history documents the people and culture of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people throughout time. Most ancient civilisations left stories of same-sex love and gender diversity. Many documented people often referred to as third gender, usually people we now describe as intersex or transgender. While the Middle Ages gifted us increasing documentation of LGBTIQ history, at that time, persecution of LGBTIQ people increased. During the Renaissance, the oppression of LGBTIQ people by the Catholic Church increased. Many European countries imposed the death penalty for homosexual acts. Lighter punishments often included some form of mutilation, for both men and women. The serious study of homosexuality began in Europe in the 1700s. The German novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny first used the word homosexual in print in 1869. It derives from the Greek homos meaning same, not the Latin homo, meaning man.  Thus the word describes both male and female same-sex attracted people. After the Stonewall Riots in New York, considered the beginning of the modern LGBTIQ Rights movement, LGBTIQ communities began to combine in more formal organisations than previously. From the 1980s on, many countries of the western world decriminalised homosexuality. Reforms also took place regarding same-sex marriage, and other LGBTIQ rights. The increased visibility of LGBTIQ people obviously led to greater documentation of them and their culture. LGBTIQ historians also made increasing efforts to reclaim their own history. As a result of censorship and oppression much LGBTIQ history is lost. In addition to the accidental loss of history common to all communities, LGBTIQ history was subject to deliberate destruction in a process known as gay erasure.  

1940s Gay Pool Party

A US filmmaker intends turning rare footage of a 1940s-era gay pool party into a documentary. Geoff Story, a gay filmmaker, made the incredible discovery in the 1990s at an estate sale. He believes the late ‘hairdresser to the stars’, Buddy Walton, shot the footage in St. Louis, Missouri. The footage shows men dancing in …

Passing Glances Ian Byford Cairns

Author Ian Byford reveals the hidden gay history of Cairns in his new book Passing Glances. The book explores the local LGBTIQ community from the city’s establishment in 1876 right up to the present day. “Gays hid from history for fear of draconian laws which threatened 14 years’ jail with hard labour for homosexual acts …

Homosexual Histories Conference

The Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives (ALGA) invite academics, students, community historians and also activists to submit research papers for this year’s 16th annual Homosexual Histories Conference in Melbourne in November. The conference is supported by ALGA and grants from La Trobe University. This year’s theme is “Beyond the Culture Wars: LGBTIQ History Now”. Organisers …

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