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From the dawn of time until modern days, history recorded instances of same sex love, diverse sexualities and genders. LGBTIQ history documents the people and culture of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people throughout time. Most ancient civilisations left stories of same-sex love and gender diversity. Many documented people often referred to as third gender, usually people we now describe as intersex or transgender. While the Middle Ages gifted us increasing documentation of LGBTIQ history, at that time, persecution of LGBTIQ people increased. During the Renaissance, the oppression of LGBTIQ people by the Catholic Church increased. Many European countries imposed the death penalty for homosexual acts. Lighter punishments often included some form of mutilation, for both men and women. The serious study of homosexuality began in Europe in the 1700s. The German novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny first used the word homosexual in print in 1869. It derives from the Greek homos meaning same, not the Latin homo, meaning man.  Thus the word describes both male and female same-sex attracted people. After the Stonewall Riots in New York, considered the beginning of the modern LGBTIQ Rights movement, LGBTIQ communities began to combine in more formal organisations than previously. From the 1980s on, many countries of the western world decriminalised homosexuality. Reforms also took place regarding same-sex marriage, and other LGBTIQ rights. The increased visibility of LGBTIQ people obviously led to greater documentation of them and their culture. LGBTIQ historians also made increasing efforts to reclaim their own history. As a result of censorship and oppression much LGBTIQ history is lost. In addition to the accidental loss of history common to all communities, LGBTIQ history was subject to deliberate destruction in a process known as gay erasure.  

shrine of remembrance rainbow lights defending with pride exhibition

Shrine of Remembrance to light up in rainbow for LGBTQ+ event

Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance will light up in rainbow colours this weekend for a special service and a new exhibition sharing the history LGBTQ+ service members. New exhibition Defending with Pride: Stories of LGBTQ+ Service opens on August 1 at the Shrine in Melbourne. The immersive exhibition reveals the history of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender …

Rainbow Fellowship state library of qld

Applications open: State Library of Qld Rainbow Fellowship

Applications opened today for the State Library of Queensland’s inaugural Rainbow Research Fellowship. Among other benefits, the Rainbow Fellowship includes a $15,000 stipend. The State Library of Queensland holds a wealth of material of interest to LGBTIQA+ researchers. Here at QNews we particularly appreciate the microfiche copies of old Queensland newspapers. But we also access …

Friend of Dorothy L Frank Baum july 10

On this day: Are you a friend of Dorothy?

L. Frank Baum’s The Road to Oz, the book thought to have inspired the phrase ‘Friend of Dorothy’, was published July 10, 1909.  The expression became popular as coded self-identification. Queer people would use it to ascertain if new acquantainces were ‘family’. So ubiquitous was the phrase by the 1970s, it inspired an extensive search …

nsfw male swimmers vintage photograph

NSFW!!! Vintage photographs of Aussie male swimmers

Soon after the invention of cameras, photographers began to focus their lenses on nude and scantily dressed men. Museums and archives around Australia hold among their collections, numerous vintage photographs of Aussie male swimmers. (Some images NSFW.) Despite Australia’s celebrated beach culture, white settlers did not initially embrace the Australian shoreline with the same enthusiasm …

Rainbow Research Fellowship state library of queensland

State Library of Queensland Rainbow Research Fellowship

The State Library of Queensland has announced the inaugural Rainbow Research Fellowship. Among other benefits, the Fellowship will include a $15,000 stipend. A first for Queensland, and potentially for Australia The Rainbow Research Fellowship will support research, exploration, and creation of new knowledge about Queensland’s LGBTIQA+ histories and communities. This groundbreaking Fellowship will assist in …

victoria melbourne aids memorial quilt thorne harbour health aids crisis

Victoria’s AIDS Memorial Quilt gets official heritage listing

The Melbourne AIDS Memorial Quilt, which commemorates hundreds of Victorians who died during the AIDS crisis, has received official heritage listing in the state in an Australian first. In total, the Melbourne AIDS Memorial Quilt consists of 27 quilts (one is pictured above). The local project followed the AIDS Memorial Quilt movement in the United …

orlando nightclub shooting omar mateen Plans Announced To Commemorate Pulse Nightclub Anniversary

On this day: Pulse, the Orlando nightclub shooting

On June 12, 2016, a 29-year-old lone gunman ended the lives of 49 mainly Latino people at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Omar Mateen also wounded 59 other people during the Orlando nightclub shooting. Police shot the killer dead following a three-hour stand-off. The Orlando nightclub shooting extracted a terrible toll — the …

darlinghurst police station forbes street sydney 78ers mardi gras protesters jail

Dark history of proposed site for new LGBTIQ pride museum

Sydney will get its first LGBTIQ+ pride museum, tracing the “queer storyline from First Nations people to today,” in time for WorldPride next year. The proposed museum is called Qtopia, and is backed by funding from City of Sydney, Lord Mayor Clover Moore announced on International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) this …

Nazi book burnings may 6

On this day May 6: Nazi book burnings

On May 6, 1933, members of the German Student Union violently attacked Magnus Hirschfeld’s Berlin Institute of Sex Research. And thus began the Nazi book burnings. The students hurled about 20,000 of Magnus Hirschfeld’s books into the street and then burned the priceless collection. Among the books, unique works on intersexuality, homosexuality, and transgender topics. …

rodney croome tasmania decriminalisation homosexuality 1997

25 years ago, Tasmania finally decriminalised homosexuality

It has only been 25 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in every state and territory in Australia. Tasmania was the last state to do so on May 1, 1997. Before then, the state’s laws punished consensual sex between men with up to 25 years in prison. LGBTIQ+ advocate Rodney Croome AM was central to the …

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