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Coming Out

The vast majority of LGBTIQ Australians are not comfortable coming out to their work colleagues. The Out at Work: from Prejudice to Pride report released last week suggests 25 per cent of employees were out to some people and almost 40 per cent were out to most people at work. The joint Royal Melbourne Institute …

Veteran UK gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell against a rainbow background

Prime Minister Theresa May has lifted a 10 Downing Street ban on veteran LGBT activist Peter Tatchell. Since the creation of Downing Street LGBT Pride receptions a decade ago, Tatchell was banned from attending by three prime ministers – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. “Despite my 51 years of campaigning, and my role …

Mary McAleese

Ireland’s former president Mary McAleese will take part in the Dublin Pride march on June 30. The theme for the Pride event is ‘We Are Family’, and she has clearly taken it to heart, saying that most of her extended family plans to attend. McAleese said she would march with her son, Justin, and his …

EU Countries Recognise Foreign Same-Sex Marriages

The European Court of Justice has ruled that all European Union member states must recognise the residency rights of married same-sex couples. The case involved Romanian activist Adrian Coman and his American husband Claibourn Robert Hamilton, who had been living in the United States for four years before marrying in Belgium in 2010. When they …

NT Apologises

The Northern Territory Government today formally apologised to people convicted under historic laws against consensual homosexual acts. Chief Minister Michael Gunner (pictured) told parliament the apology was not only for the law that “criminalised love and attraction” between same-sex couples until 1983, but for the opportunities stolen from those convicted. “Today is about making right,” …

Cairns Tropical Pride

It’s been a long time coming but Cairns will soon host a LGBT+ collection in the city’s museum after the details were confirmed at a Cairns Tropical Pride (CTP) community afternoon on Saturday. The collection, which focuses on the community’s YES campaign, will be delivered to the museum during this year’s Tropical Pride Festival from …