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Kenyan HIgh Court, law reform

The Kenyan High Court today ruled that colonial-era laws criminalising same-sex relations are constitutional. Currently the laws allow for up to fourteen years jail for anal sex and five years for non-penetrative sex. The petitioners asked the court to declare the laws unconstitutional. In rejecting the petition, Justice Roselyne Aburili dismissed judgments in favour of …

Botswana lgbt homosexuality decriminalisation

By Andrew Novak, George Mason University Botswana’s High Court is considering a challenge to the provisions of the penal code criminalising consensual same-sex relations in the country. It will hand down its judgment in June. The challenge raises similar legal issues as the one pending at the Kenya High Court, which is due for a decision in …

akubra hat outback regional Queensland stock photo

In a fond remembrance of the lead player, QN Magazine’s regional correspondent Pearl of the Outback shares a personal perspective of a once notorious Queensland incident, a story reminiscent of the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain, but one which contributed to profound change in Queensland laws. What follows is the first article of several I hope to …