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Australian LGBTIQ history timeline: the 20th century

The Australian LGBTIQ history timeline of the twentieth century begins with male homosexuality prosecuted as a criminal act in every jurisdiction of the newly federated Commonwealth. However, the last 30 years of the century saw every one of those laws consigned to history. While the law only explicitly criminalised male homosexuality, all members of the …

Lady Phyllis Cilento

Poll Finds Queenslanders Opposed To Renaming Lady Cilento Hospital

A new poll has found 52 per cent of Queenslanders are opposed to the Queensland Government renaming the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to Queensland Children’s Hospital. In September, Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles announced that 62% of the 38,000 respondents to his government’s online poll had voted in favour of changing the name of the …

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Homophobic And Racist, Lady Phyllis Cilento Was No Lady

Recently, QNews Magazine revealed something of the character of Phyllis Cilento after whom the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is named. The Queensland Government are currently conducting a poll seeking feedback on whether to change that name. Social media discussion shows both those for and against the change agree on one thing. They all laud Phyllis …

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We condemn Senator Anning but not Lady Phyllis Cilento

In Queensland Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech to the Senate this week, he called for a return to predominantly European migration and described gender diversity as “garbage”. Senator Derryn Hinch described the speech as “disgraceful, racist, homophobic, divisive, misogynist, spiteful [and] hateful.” But Anning’s opinions echo those of Lady Phyllis Cilento after whom a prominent …