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King of the Catwalk says news reports of Brunei exaggerated

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king of the catwalk brunei sinon loresca

The King of the Catwalk, Sinon Loresca caused a social media firestorm last week over a visit to Brunei. The openly gay Filipino social media influencer dismissed recent protests against the sultanate. He told his 1.6 million Facebook and half million Instagram followers “some news so exaggerated.” That ‘exaggerated’ news reported on laws allowing religious …

King of the Catwalk Brunei social media influencer

Openly gay Filipino social media influencer Sinon Loresca flew to Brunei a few days ago. Loresca is a model and social media influencer. He posted a photo of himself at an airport in a revealing blue gown, high heels and tiara, writing, “On my way to Brunei.” Once in Brunei, the King of the Catwalk …