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Kevin Bacon They/Them

Watch: Trailer for Kevin Bacon conversion camp horror they/them

Streaming service Peacock has released the first look at the new queer horror They/Them featuring Kevin Bacon.  The film is a horror/thriller set in a queer conversion camp. And the first look is serving us some major Friday the 13th vibes. They/them set to be a chilling thriller Set against the backdrop of a lakeside …

Kevin Bacon They/Them

Kevin Bacon to star in new queer thriller They/Them

They/Them is a new horror film, starring Kevin Bacon, that is set to explore the horrors of queer conversion camps. The film is set to feature a string of other familiar faces in the cast as well. Streaming service Peacock, owned by NBC/Universal will be releasing the film. They/them: A movie that celebrates queerness John Logan …