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Shit hits fan over JoJo Siwa’s first adult track, Karma

So JoJo Siwa has decided to grow up officially. She’s released her first adult track, Karma. Predictably, the move prompted the same complaints heard every time a child star attempts a transition to an adult career. Scroll down for Karma, the official video. Karma’s a bitch, I should’ve known better. If I had a wish, …

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JoJo Siwa backtracks: lesbian doesn’t flow off the tongue

JoJo Siwa copped a lot of flack in the last couple of days after dissing the word lesbian. The singer, dancer, and former child star said she just didn’t like the sound of the word and compared it to ‘moist’. Yesterday, she backtracked and clarified that she doesn’t hate the word. It simply doesn’t ‘flow …

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JoJo Siwa to make history on Dancing With The Stars

2021 contestant and Youtube personality JoJo Siwa will be paired with a female contestant on Dancing With The Stars. As the US version of Dancing With The Stars enters its 30th season this will be a first for the program, despite other countries having already achieved this.  JoJo Siwa famously came out in January 2021. …

jojo siwa tonight show jimmy fallon girlfriend coming out

JoJo Siwa’s ‘beautiful, amazing’ girlfriend encouraged her to come out

JoJo Siwa has revealed she’s in a relationship with an “amazing, wonderful” girlfriend who helped her come out to fans as on social media last month. The 17-year-old American singer, dancer and YouTube megastar opened up in an interview with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Siwa explained she’s currently in a relationship with “the …