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Presidential pardon for celebrity animal abuser Joe Exotic?

As the world anxiously awaits the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden, a stretch limo sits outside a Fort Worth lawyer’s office. ‘Team Tiger’, the lawyers representing celebrity animal abuser Joe Exotic, say they booked the limo because they remain confident of a presidential pardon for the convicted felon. Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage is currently an …

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Dr Rachel Levine to become US assistant Health Secretary

US President-elect Joe Biden last night announced the selection of Dr Rachel Levine as assistant Health Secretary. If all goes to plan, that will make Dr Levine the first openly transgender federal official confirmed by the US Senate. Governor Tom Wolff appointed Dr Levine to the position of Pennsylvania Health Secretary in 2017. A pediatrician, …

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Rodney Croome on election of Joe Biden: Lessons from America

For LGBTIQ Australians, the election of Joe Biden in the US provides some valuable lessons from America. 1/ Moral panics ultimately don’t work. Donald Trump tried and failed to win re-election.  In part, his strategy relied on hyping fears that religious freedom is under threat and cruelly discriminating against trans folk. In fact, the percentage …