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‘How did you do that?’: My experience of becoming a mum through IVF

The first time I told an acquaintance, “My wife and I are expecting our first baby in December,” their response was, “How?” Luckily, I love talking about how babies are made, especially ours. The path we walked (due to my endometriosis) was initiated by in-vitro fertilisation – or IVF. Although many people think of this …

Dr Andy Stamatiou Brisbane Fertility

Brisbane Fertility Doctor Helping Same-Sex Couples Become Parents

Dr Andy Stamatiou Well-known Brisbane fertility specialist, working primarily in IVF and fertility care, gynaecology and obstetrics. He has over 20 years experience as a doctor, and is proud to have helped a number of local same-sex couples become parents. What are some of the factors that make him a good doctor, especially in the …

Lesbian women becoming a parent Dr Andy Stamatiou

The Lesbian Women Guide To Becoming A Parent

By Dr Andy Stamatiou Most women plan to have a child at some stage in their lives. For lesbian women, this is no different. Thankfully, science, through intrauterine insemination (artificial insemination), has allowed the process to be more accessible and safe. Donor sperm may be sourced from a known donor or an anonymous donor. This …