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Paolo Rondelli san marino

San Marino appoints world’s first openly gay head of state

The world’s fifth smallest country appointed Paolo Rondelli one of the country’s two Captains Regent on April 1. The appointment makes the former diplomat the world’s first openly gay Head of State. Despite other countries previously electing openly gay heads of government, Paolo Rondelli is the first openly gay head of state. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir retired …

eurovision song contest italy 2021 winner maneskin lead singer drug test drug rumours cocaine

Eurovision champ denies rumours he snorted coke at final

Damiano David, lead singer of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest winning band Måneskin, has demanded a drug test to prove he didn’t snort a line of cocaine on live TV at the contest’s grand final. The claims went viral on social media on Sunday, after the broadcast showed the Italian singer with his head close …

italy gay couple train station homophobic attack

Outrage in Italy after homophobe attacks gay couple for kissing

A violent attack on a gay couple in Italy has prompted calls for politicians to speed up the passage of a hate crime law in the country. The gay couple were assaulted at the Valle Aurelia metro train station in Rome in February. Part of the incident was captured on video and shared by local …

glory hole pornhub scandal comune di bugliano coronavirus lockdown

Comune di Bugliano keeps Italians laughing during lockdown

The satirist behind the Comune di Bugliano continues to keep Italians laughing during the grim days of the coronavirus lockdown. Last week, a tweet from the civic authorities of the fictional town fooled media who reported on it as fact. The tweet announced a ban on orgies, threesomes and gangbangs as a precaution against the …

gay mafia hitman lady godiva

Gay mafia hitman killed by cousin because of his sexuality

Recent reports revealed a newfound tolerance for discreet gay gangsters in the ‘Ndrangheta Calabrian mafia crime family. Despite that, new information exposes the murder of a gay mafia hitman by his own cousin in 2002. The cousin admits he obeyed orders to kill his cousin because of his sexuality. On 19 December, Italian police arrested …

italy lovers of modena

Were Italy’s ‘Lovers of Modena’ a gay couple?

Researchers have discovered that a pair of 1500-year-old remains dubbed the “Lovers of Modena” – because of their hand-holding – were both men. The two skeletons (pictured above) date back to the 4-6th century AD. The remains were first discovered in Italy in 2009. But at that time scientists could not determine the sex of …