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fair work commission f_cking wanker

Woman calls boss ‘f_cking wanker’ and gets $6k compensation

Okay. It’s every worker’s dream. Call your boss a ‘f_cking wanker’ and get paid for it. A woman in Darwin not only called her boss that. When stood her down, she told him it was a ‘c_nt act’. And the Fair Work Commission awarded her $6k compensation! The woman worked for a labour-hire firm in …

cafe 63 wage rip off

Cafe 63 insisted staff accept food as part payment of wages

A Brisbane cafe ripped off staff by insisting they receive part of their wages in food and drink. The wage rip off occurred at Cafe 63’s since-closed flagship store at 63 Racecourse Road, Hamilton. The company owner now licences the Cafe 63 brand to 37 other businesses across Queensland and Australia. Federal Circuit Court Judge …

gig economy worker rights deliveroo

Ruling demonstrates evolving worker rights in gig economy

A recent ruling by the Fair Work Commission changes the nature of worker rights in the gig economy. The commission ruled that Deliveroo unfairly dismissed rider Diego Franco last year. The ruling contradicts a former commission decision that Uber Eats drivers were not employees. Miles Heffernan from IR Claims told QNews the ruling was significant. …

wage gougers international students

Beware Wage Gougers: International students at particular risk

Miles Heffernan says a recent incident at Adelaide’s Gouger Street demonstrates the particular vulnerability of international students to wage gougers. However, as he explains, Australian laws provide protections for all employees in this country, regardless of their residency status. Recent viral footage of an incident at Adelaide’s Fun Tea Cafe highlighted the issue of wage …

workplace bullying

Stop Workplace Bullying – everyone has right to safe workplace

Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. So, we should all aim to stop workplace bullying. However, many people do not understand what bullying is, or the remedy. Both state and federal laws protect employees from workplace bullying and harassment. Workplace bullying and harassment can debilitate victims. Indeed, it can lead to health issues, …