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gay christian iranian Mehdi Shokr Khoda iran

The Swedish Migration Board yesterday ordered a gay Christian Iranian teenager to leave Sweden. Despite the well documented persecution of both Christians and gays in Iran, the board rejected 19-year-old Mehdi Shokr Khoda’s application for asylum. Mehdi Shokr Khoda and Christianity Mehdi fled Iran in 2017. He converted to Christianity in Stockholm and subsequently underwent …

US President Donald Trump

The Trump Administration has announced it plans to campaign for the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide. The campaign will be headed by the US’ highest-profile openly gay diplomat Richard Grenell, who is currently the US Ambassador to Germany. Mr Grenell kicked things off in Berlin earlier this week by flying in LGBTIQ rights campaigners from across …

Iran Publicly Hangs Man on Charges of Homosexuality

An unidentified 31-year old man was publicly hanged on charges of homosexuality on January 10 in Kazeroon, Fars Province, in the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the state-run ISNA, the man was sentenced to death by hanging for performing acts in violation to the country’s anti-gay laws – having sexual intercourse with another man, …