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Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe has revealed he and boyfriend Ryan Channing’s plans to become dads. Thorpe started dating Channing three years ago and have spoken previously about their plans for fatherhood. Now the couple have revealed they’re in the early stages of planning a pregnancy via a surrogate mum in the US, after Channing was …

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Local and international celebrities have congratulated Australia for today’s announcement of a “yes” vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey. On Wednesday morning, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the “yes” vote had prevailed in the survey with more than 61% of the vote. National treasure Magda Szubanski, who campaigned tirelessly for the “yes” vote, …


Olympian Ian Thorpe has urged young people to get their completed forms in the mail by Friday to ensure they’re received by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in time to be counted. Thorpe said he was optimistic that the marriage survey would return a “yes” result and was pleased with the turnout, but wants more …