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Budapest Pride Viktor Orban

Budapest Pride: 30,000 defy heat and Viktor Orban

Thousands of Hungarians defied sweltering heat and authoritarian anti-LGBTIQA+ Prime Minister Viktor Orban to celebrate Budapest Pride. The event follows last week’s equally sizzling parades in Madrid and Bucharest. The parade took place in 40-degree heat along a route unprotected by shade. But the marchers were determined to defend LGBTIQA+ rights in the country. “Can …

hungary anti-gay politician Jozsef Szajer

Anti-gay Hungarian politician resigns after he’s caught at 20-man orgy

A top conservative politician in Hungary’s anti-LGBTIQ ruling party has resigned after police caught him an alleged drug-fuelled sex party in Belgium. Jozsef Szajer was one of about 20 people, mostly men, busted at the party in the centre of Brussels during lockdown. Belgian media variously characterised the illicit gathering as a “gay orgy”, “sex …

hungary prime minister viktor orban transgender

Hungary just banned legal recognition for transgender people

Hungary’s parliament has voted to end legal recognition for transgender and intersex people, in a regressive move slammed by human rights activists. Right-wing prime minister Viktor Orbán (pictured) and his ruling Fidesz party voted to ban trans and intersex people from obtaining identity documents that reflect their gender identity. Lawmakers voted 134-56 to declare gender …

homosexual flotilla

Hungary pulls out of Eurovision: ‘the homosexual flotilla’

Hungary announced this week it will not participate in Eurovision 2020. The Hungarian government remained guarded in their response. However, András Bencsik, a pro-government media personality welcomed the move, describing Eurovision as a ‘homosexual flotilla’.  Maybe something got lost in translation, but a fear of gays in boats seems just a tad irrational. Admittedly, Eurovision …