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Victoria Urged To Introduce Hate Crime Legislation To Protect LGBTIQ Community

The Human Rights Law Centre has called on the Victorian Government to establish a Hate Crimes Act to provide legal protection for LGBTIQ people. The HRLC has released a report, a year on from the marriage equality postal survey, to highlights the negative impact of hate speech and hate crimes during the survey on the …

Senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre Lee Carnie

‘Federal Government Can’t Ignore LGBTIQ Women’s Rights’: Human Rights Law Centre

For too many of us in the LGBTIQ community, we know what it feels like to be mistreated because of who we are or who we love. We know the humiliation and embarrassment that comes from having someone say that you don’t look or act like you ‘should’. It doesn’t matter if it happens in …

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New South Wales Ends ‘Forced Divorce’ Laws For Transgender People

Transgender people in New South Wales will be able to stay married to their partners when they affirm their gender on their birth certificate under legislation passed by the NSW government on Wednesday. In a number of states and territories, trans people must be unmarried before their birth certificate can be amended, essentially requiring trans …