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4/ Percy Le Vaux – the victim’s ‘most intimate friend’

Percy Le Vaux moved to Cairns intent on achieving wealth and power. It never quite worked out. The story of a Cairns murder, the attempted framing of an innocent First Nations man, the sexual assault on a young constable by one of Queensland’s most senior cops and a suicide. The Queensland Police hushed up this …

peter lumberg sandy gallop essence of dear departed

3/ Peter Lumberg: The Essence of the Dear Departed

Cairns struggled to dispose of its dead. The essence of the dear departed lingered. None more so than that of Peter Lumberg. Despite an obvious culprit, his murder remains unsolved until this day. Rather than expose corruption in the ranks, the commissioner chose not to pursue the investigation into Peter’s death. All part of the …

peter lumberg sandy gallop essence of dear departed

2/ Sandy Gallop: Police piss up at murder scene

The crime scene at Sandy Gallop was more like a buck’s party than a murder investigation – no strippers though. Inept cops tried to determine who killed Peter Lumberg between swigs of grog. Just one more in the crazy string of events that ended with the greatest gay scandal in Queensland history. No wonder Queensland …