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akubra hat outback regional Queensland stock photo

In a fond remembrance of the lead player, QN Magazine’s regional correspondent Pearl of the Outback shares a personal perspective of a once notorious Queensland incident, a story reminiscent of the acclaimed Brokeback Mountain, but one which contributed to profound change in Queensland laws. What follows is the first article of several I hope to …


A gay journalist has opened up about being attacked by homophobic thugs in Auckland last weekend, during the city’s annual Pride celebrations. Aziz Al-Sa’afin, a reporter and producer for New Zealand morning talk show The AM Show, told the program he and a friend were attacked while out in Auckland on Saturday night, just as …

LGBT Military

By Noah Riseman, Australian Catholic University The Australian Defence Force (ADF) banned lesbian, gay and bisexual personnel from serving openly until November 1992, and there were restrictions on transgender service until September 2010. Even so, we know LGBT people have always been serving bravely in the ADF. In an ongoing research project with Macquarie University …