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Australian Approval For New HIV Pill ‘An Exciting Step Forward’

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After five long years of argument, the British government will finally allow anyone at risk of contracting HIV to access PrEP on the NHS (National Health Service). Previously only 20,000 at-risk persons could access the medication under a trial which began in 2017. Even before that trial began Scotland already introduced PrEP free of charge …

coronavirus outbreak wuhan comrades centre

Volunteers from the Wuhan Comrades Centre, a Chinese LGBT organisation, risk their own health to help others at the original epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. They deliver life-saving HIV medication to patients unable to otherwise access it. A team of volunteers from the centre collect the medication from nearby Jinyintan Hospital. They then discreetly deliver …

HIV drug Juluca

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved Juluca, a two-drug, single pill for HIV that advocates have welcomed as a “step forward” for Australians living with HIV. Juluca, which is a combination of dolutegravir and rilpivirine, is the first fixed-dose combination of a two-drug regimen for the treatment of certain adults with human immunodeficiency virus infection …