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Rodney Croome says reparations owed for historic persecution

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reparations anti-LGBTIQ laws

Rodney Croome says governments owe reparations to people convicted under Australia’s former anti-LGBTIQ laws. Rodney Croome is a spokesperson for Equality Tasmania and just.equal It’s time to talk about financial reparations for historic persecution of LGBTIQ+ Australians. Two issues sparked this conversation: compensation for victims of Australia’s former laws against homosexuality, and redress for survivors …

Senator Nita Green

Newly elected Senator Nita Green today issued a statement on her election to the Federal Senate. “I am incredibly honoured to be elected as a Senator for Queensland,” she said. Nita defined her role as “representing all Queenslanders, especially those who live outside the South East corner.” Last year, she moved to Cairns with her …