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Scarlett Johansson newspaper story in the Daily Telegraph slammed for transphobic slur

Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper has been criticised after publishing a transphobic slur in a headline over the weekend. The newspaper was reporting actor Scarlet Johansson withdrawing from the film Rub & Tug, following a backlash against her casting in the role of a transgender man. The Sunday Telegraph published the story in the early edition …

homophobic attack Sydney

More than 40 percent of transgender people in the UK experienced a hate crime or transphobic incident in the last 12 months, according to LGBTIQ charity Stonewall. A study by YouGov surveyed over 800 UK trans and non-binary people in England, Wales and Scotland has revealed the shocking extent of discrimination faced by transgender people. …


By Dennis Altman, La Trobe University The rise of sexually transmissible diseases made front-page news in The Age, which tried to make sense of the rise among “gay men” and “heterosexual people”. This illustrates the increasingly common confusion between behaviour and identity. What is involved is sexual contact, or to use the expression common in …