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Refugees Canada

It’s been a long, daunting journey but love has finally prevailed. Alireza, who is from Iran, and his partner Kiran, who is from India, arrived in Canada last week, greeted at the airport by members of the Vancouver Rainbow Refugee group who sponsored them. The couple were forced to flee their home countries so they …

gender inequality

Leading Australian wedding publication White has been criticised for ignoring coverage of same-sex marriages. Many of the magazine’s contributors have claimed that it is operating an informal policy blocking all coverage of gay weddings. Photographer Lara Hotz, who has previously had her work featured on the cover of the magazine, raised the issue in exchange …

taking blood

Gay men in Denmark will soon be able to donate blood to “better embrace gender equality”. Danish health minister Ellen Trane Nørby revealed that the new law will come into effect sometime in 2019. “The authority (Patient Safety) has found a model we feel is safe and we will therefore incorporate it into Denmark,” she …

High Heels

A man has been booted out of a London gay club for wearing high heels. Pavel Vacek, 33, said he had never experienced any issues getting into clubs before, so he was taken aback when a bouncer at XXL London turned him away for wearing high-heeled boots. Vacek suggested to Pink News the club was …

Homophobic Assault

A couple has been left battered, bloodied and bruised after being set upon by their neighbours in a vicious homophobic attack. Italian Mauro Padovani, 46, and his Italian-American husband Tom Freeman, 59, were assaulted outside their home in Ghent, Belgium. Padovani told that he is still shocked by the severity of the assault, which …

Openly Gay Priest

A community’s prayers have been answered with Reverend Chris Swannell making history as the first New Zealander in an openly gay relationship to become an Anglican priest. Rev Swannell, who owns a boutique lodge at Russell’s Orongo Bay with his partner, the wine and travel writer Michael Hooper, led his first service at Christ Church …

Challenges Of Coming Out Later

The challenges older men face coming out as gay is the focus behind new research in New Zealand. Gay Men Coming Out Later in Life, a thesis written by Auckland University of Technology Professor Quentin Allan, gives a unique insight into the lived experiences of Kiwi men who, having spent most of their lives in …

Historical public domain photo of Alan Turing, world war ii codebreaker

Only 174 pardons for historical gay sex convictions have been issued in England and Wales since “Turing’s Law” was passed last year. The law, which followed a posthumous pardon issued to wartime codebreaker Alan Turing (pictured) in 2013, allows the thousands of men who were convicted of historical gay sex offences to apply for a …

Gay Rights Movement Mourns

Dick Leitsch, a founding father of the gay rights movement, has died in New York. He was 83. Leitsch became an icon of the LGBTQ movement after leading protests that pre-dated the Stonewall Inn uprising. Born on May 11, 1935, Leitsch went on to lead the the New York City chapter of the Mattachine Society, …

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