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Sydney’s gay penguins Sphen and Magic to feature in Mardi Gras

Sydney’s gay penguin dads Sphen and Magic will feature in the 2021 Mardi Gras parade with a very important message. The two penguins have been inseparable at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium since 2018. The duo made headlines around the world after hatching two chicks together. On March 6, the 43rd annual Mardi Gras parade will …

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Name the second chick of famous gay penguins Sphen and Magic

Three things are certain in life — death, taxes and gay penguins stealing eggs. Sphen and Magic went viral in 2018 when the same-sex couple ‘adopted’ an egg. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium carers initially named the chick the pair hatched Lara. However, the public nicknamed her Sphengic after her two dads. In 2020, Sphen and …

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It’s time to check in with Sydney’s gay penguin couple and their baby

Fans of Sydney’s world-famous gay penguin dads and their young baby can get an update on the adorable rainbow family this weekend. Penguin power couple Sphen and Magic and their young foster daughter went viral around the world when aquarium staff announced they were an item. The pair captured hearts around the world by caring …