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[hide]The word gay refers to homosexual people, or traits regarded as indicating homosexuality. While used more often for men, the term also encompasses women who choose to refer to themselves as gay women. Before the advent of the LGBTIQ acronym, the term ‘gay community’ often encompassed the entire gamut of the LGBTIQ communities. The word originally meant ‘carefree’, ‘cheerful’, or ‘bright and showy’. Its use to describe homosexuals seems to date from the late 19th century. However, it became increasingly popular in the mid-20th century. In modern English, the word is both adjective and noun. It describes the people, community, practices and cultures associated with homosexuals. Homosexual men began to favour the word in the 1960s. By the 1980s major LGBTIQ groups and style guides recommended the word to describe same-sex attracted people. However, in recent years some also use the word derisively, replacing previous slurs. While some LGBTIQ people ‘reclaimed’ words such as faggot to remove the sting from them, homophobes turned the gay community’s own chosen self descriptive against them. As a slur the word encompasses derision, light-hearted mockery and ridicule. Historians believe the use of the word to describe homosexuals derived from its previous use as a slang term for ‘immoral’ persons or acts. Used as early as the 14th century as slang, by the late 17th century it specifically relating to carnal pleasure. The slang took its cue from the original definition of ‘carefree’  and focussed on the meaning, ‘uninhibited by moral constraints’. The phrase ‘gay woman’ described a prostitute, a womaniser became a ‘gay man’, and brothels became known as ‘gay houses’. Once homosexual male prostitutes came to be known as ‘gay boys’, the use of the word spread to homosexuals in general.[hide/]

alan jones 2gb

Alan Jones is, many people believe, a misogynist. Yet the most common word used for him by online detractors is arguably the most misogynist in the English language. Similarly, people usually scathing of homophobia don’t hesitate to call Jones a ‘bitter old queen’. What do we do about a man who brings out the worst …

time magazine lil nas x

TIME Magazine devotes their August cover to breakout singer Lil Nas X. The singer who crosses genres between hip-hop and country came out as gay at the end of Pride month. In his interview with TIME, Lil Nas X said he never planned to come out. He attributed that to hearing from a young age …

chace crawford the boys

A publicity shot for Chace Crawford’s upcoming Amazon series The Boys aroused the Twittersphere over the actor’s apparent Visible Penis Line (VPL). Chace previously played a teenage heartthrob in Gossip Girl. In The Boys, he plays superhero The Deep, and call us shallow, but we dived straight in for a closer inspection of this alleged …

anglican church father trevor bulled

The Reverend Chris Tyack writes of his experience of and in the Anglican Church and in particular of his memories of Father Trevor Bulled, openly gay priest for many years at Fortitude Valley’s Holy Trinity Church. For many LGBT+ people over 40, the Church represents an ancien regime of unhappy memory. My own relationship to …

lil nas x old town road gay cowboy western

Some critics may already deride “Old Town Road” as a one-hit wonder but the multiple remixes of Lil Nas X’s hit already make it one of the biggest songs of the decade. That the now openly gay singer-songwriter chose a cowboy theme for his track is not surprising. Songs featuring an element of yippee ki-yay …

diarrhoea shigella

Shigella rarely makes the news, but it is lately. You may also notice it mentioned in sexual health literature. It’s a bacterial infection that causes diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea and fever. You can catch Shigella from contaminated food or water, or from infected people. Men who have sex with men, are at higher risk of …

jake andrich xxx model jakipz

Jake Andrich describes himself as a “Heavy Equipment Technician, Welder, Pipefitter & XXX Model…” He shares images and video of himself across a number of social media platforms as Jakipz. Additionally, he sells hotter content on sites like Onlyfans. Scroll down for pics and vids Times certainly change. Once a muscular good-looking young man like …

ryan williams hate crime

Over the weekend QNews reported on the homophobic attack on Ryan Williams in Lancashire, England, now described by police as a hate crime. After Ryan posted an image of his injuries to Facebook, victim-blaming social media commenters justified the attack as righteous retribution for his sexuality. Ryan described the circumstances of the attack to the …

queer eye fab five netflix

‘Queer Eye’ returned this week for a fourth go-around, even with the tears barely settled on all the makeover wins we experienced throughout the third season. Ah yes, guaranteed sob stories, but in the best possible way for us Netflix bingers. The formula is once again in check – why fix something that isn’t broken? …

£50 bank of england alan turing

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney announced yesterday the selection of Alan Turing for the new £50 note. Imagery depicting Alan Turing and his work will feature on the new polymer note expected to enter circulation by the end of 2021.  While renowned for his WWII work devising code-breaking machines, Turing also played a pivotal …

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