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The word gay refers to homosexual people, or traits regarded as indicating homosexuality. While used more often for men, the term also encompasses women who choose to refer to themselves as gay women. Before the advent of the LGBTIQ acronym, the term ‘gay community’ often encompassed the entire gamut of the LGBTIQ communities. The word originally meant ‘carefree’, ‘cheerful’, or ‘bright and showy’. Its use to describe homosexuals seems to date from the late 19th century. However, it became increasingly popular in the mid-20th century. In modern English, the word is both adjective and noun. It describes the people, community, practices and cultures associated with homosexuals. Homosexual men began to favour the word in the 1960s. By the 1980s major LGBTIQ groups and style guides recommended the word to describe same-sex attracted people. However, in recent years some also use the word derisively, replacing previous slurs. While some LGBTIQ people ‘reclaimed’ words such as faggot to remove the sting from them, homophobes turned the gay community’s own chosen self descriptive against them. As a slur the word encompasses derision, light-hearted mockery and ridicule. Historians believe the use of the word to describe homosexuals derived from its previous use as a slang term for ‘immoral’ persons or acts. Used as early as the 14th century as slang, by the late 17th century it specifically relating to carnal pleasure. The slang took its cue from the original definition of ‘carefree’  and focussed on the meaning, ‘uninhibited by moral constraints’. The phrase ‘gay woman’ described a prostitute, a womaniser became a ‘gay man’, and brothels became known as ‘gay houses’. Once homosexual male prostitutes came to be known as ‘gay boys’, the use of the word spread to homosexuals in general.

poppers amyl

Research by Sydney’s University of Technology found “no correlation between popper use and mental health or psychological stress.” Researchers surveyed 800 gay and bisexual men between the ages 18 and 35 who use the inhalants. They asked the men about “dependency characteristics, including health, social, legal and financial problems.” The results of the research suggest …

same sybil von thorndyke laurie deane queens ball

Most readers will not know the name Laurie Deane. However, most over 25 years of age, know of Dame Sybil von Thorndyke, legendary founder, hostess and director for forty years of Brisbane’s Annual Queens Birthday Ball, now the longest running gay event in the world. A sensationalist tabloid once breathlessly reported that Laurie Deane lived …

friend of dorothy judy garland

Judy Garland, the gay icon once called the ‘The Elvis of Homosexuals’, died on this day in 1969. Gay mythology long connected her funeral with the Stonewall riots and therefore the birth of the Pride movement. Gay historians however, dismiss the connection. One explained the rioters “were not the type to moon over Judy Garland …

Jade Elektra undetectable U=U

Toronto drag queen Jade Elektra brought down the house at the 2019 Toronto AIDS Vigil with her live performance of a Nat King Cole classic. As reported by author and activist Mark S. King at  LGBTQ Nation, Jade changed the title word ‘Unforgettable’ to ‘Undetectable.’ Her performance encapsulated the U=U message perfectly. Jade Elektra, when …

pose season two billy porter pray tell

The second season of Pose starring Billy Porter as Pray Tell opened on June 11 in the US and after only one episode, Netflix contracted a third season. Scroll down for video Who said the world would end with the final episode of Game of Thrones? The latest season moves forward to 1990. Following Pose‘s …

time waits for no one freddie mercury

Universal Music Thursday unveiled a previously unreleased song by Queen front man Freddie Mercury. Originally recorded in 1986 at London’s Abbey Road Studios, the stripped back  ‘Time Waits For No One’ never found release at the time. The bare-bones rendition of the ballad showcases Freddie Mercury’s powerful voice. His only accompaniment is musician Mike Moran …

Just a Mum Shelley Argent Leanne Edmistone Marriage Equality

Of course, a book about Shelley Argent is going to address the Marriage Equality debate. However, Just a Mum co-authored with Leanne Edmistone documents not only the battle but also what brought Shelley to it. Shelley Argent always wanted a family. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, she dreamed of a loving family of her …

Gosford Anglican Church Israel Folau's tirade

Gosford Anglican priest Father Rod Bower took aim at the most recent Israel Folau tirade in a sign posted outside his church. The popular priest targeted Folau after the now former footballer again attacked gay and transgender people. Father Rod’s signs are well-known throughout Australia for his uncompromising messages on social issues and politics. His …

risk of stis sexually attractive

“Men who have sex with men (MSM) are disproportionately impacted by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but many engage in condomless sex. One factor contributing to condomless sex may be an assumption of low risk of STIs from physically attractive partners.” On average, MSM tend to believe physically attractive men are less likely to carry STIs, …

israel hellfire folau fire-and-brimstone

Former rugby player Israel ‘Hellfire’ Folau ummed and aahed his way through a sermon at his father’s church in Sydney yesterday. The multi-millionaire former Mormon, now Pentecostal, addressed his usual fire-and-brimstone subject matter. Scroll down for the vid. However, as a fire-and-brimstone prophet of doom warning of the hellfire of eternal damnation, Folau lacks fire. …

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