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Brisbane man Gary Venamore was murdered by persons unknown in 1968. Story Bridge shown

Cold Case: A Deeper Look At The Unsolved Murder Of Brisbane Man Gary Venamore

Persons unknown brutally bashed local socialite Gary Venamore after a night out, throwing him unconscious into the Brisbane River to drown in 1968. Was Gary bashed to death in an attempted robbery? Was it a poofter bashing? Did his gaydar fail him that night and he ended up dead because of an unappreciated advance? In …

Gary Venamore QNEWS

Cold Case: What Happened To Brisbane Man Gary Venamore?

A recent review of suspicious deaths in Sydney found that 27 of the 88 were probable gay hate crimes. Now, QNews Magazine looks back at the unsolved 1968 murder of Brisbane gay man Gary Venamore. Despite a $250,000 reward for information, this crime remains unsolved. At the age of 35, Venamore still lived at home …