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Happy Birthday Ned Kelly, though we never knew you at all

Although a national icon, Ned Kelly remains something of an enigma. The most famous bushranger of them all stares out at the world through a slit in his armour plate helmet and everyone makes of him what they will. Despite Red and Ellen Kelly not registering Ned’s birth, documentation indicates a December 1854 birthdate. In …

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Garry Wotherspoon on a great character from Sydney’s past.

In Through the Gay Looking Glass: The Many Lives of Clive Madigan, historian Garry Wotherspoon takes us on a joyous romp through post-World War II gay Sydney. “Giggles and squeals pierced the night air as they tripped daintily along the platform of the North Strathfield railway station. High-stepping little things in ‘drag’ (women’s clothing to …