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QNews Magazine QLD Issue #546 | April 2024

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damian and Brad foster carers

A day in the life: Damian and Brad, foster carers

For foster carers Damian and Brad, foster care is both the most challenging thing they’ve ever done and the most rewarding. “We always wanted a family and for many years explored what that could look like. Fostering was always on the list, but it took nearly three years to jump in and take the risk. …

Lou and Amelia foster care

A Day in the Life: Lou and Amelia, foster carers

Lou and Amelia live on the Sunshine Coast. Lou said she and Amelia first considered IVF and adoption, before deciding on foster care. “We went from having all the free time in the world, to all of a sudden having a small human needing us. But as soon as I met her I knew that …

Queensland foster carers

QNews Magazine Issue #534 | April 2023

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lgbtiqa+ foster carers

LGBTIQA+ Foster Carers: Go for it!

Society takes time to discard old prejudice and institutions are notoriously slow to change. But LGBTIQA+ foster carers in Queensland say they feel welcomed and respected. LGBTIQA+ carers told QNews there is an enormous demand for stable loving homes, so if you can provide this, ‘Go for it!’ Justin began with two children on a …

Queensland foster carers

Queensland Foster Carers: A Day in the Life

Queensland foster carers come from all walks of life. But no matter who they are, they all have a place in their hearts for a child who needs support and understanding. Justin works full-time while caring for two boys and does short breaks care on weekends. Likewise, Michael and his partner Scott also work full-time …

foster care foster carers

From Adversity to Possibility – One Foster Care Couples’ Journey

Soph and I had been together for three years when we attended our first foster care information evening, but it was another six years before we finally became foster carers. In the intervening years, we reflected on why we wanted to take this step. We had interesting work lives, a close circle of family and …

foster and kinship care LGBTIQ+ foster carer

Foster and kinship care: Take the leap — Justin’s story

While it was his ex-partner who initially floated the idea, it was Justin who took the leap to become a foster carer — a decision that set him on an incredibly rewarding adventure. As an LGBTIQ+ foster carer, Justin said his sexuality was never a roadblock. “If you’ve got the time and a home, you’ve …

queensland foster carers

Queensland couple Shannon and Justin open up about becoming foster carers

As a couple, Shannon Toner and Justin Smith wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in our society. They became foster carers and have been caring for children in need for nearly three years, writes Destiny Rogers. “More than 9,000 children in Queensland are in need …

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