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Where political parties stand on LGBTIQ issues ahead of the election

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pauline hanson one nation truck fire

Pauline Hanson from One Nation claimed earlier this week that a left-wing activist torched a vehicle plastered with her face. The activist who attacked the One Nation billboard truck then apparently fled into the night. However Tasmanian Fire Service investigators say a discarded cigarette probably caused the conflagration. Police said there is no evidence of …

Guptal Singh 2019 Federal Election Homophobic Slurs

Thursday night finally saw Guptal Singh disendorsed as Liberal candidate for Scullin. After resisting pressure to dump him over homophobic slurs, the Liberal Party finally relented over other comments. Guptal Singh made the homophobic slurs, likening same-sex marriage to paedophilia, during the 2017 Marriage Equality debate. He was, until Thursday, the Liberal candidate in the …

rainbow votes lgbtiq election issues

National LGBTIQ advocacy group Equality Australia has released responses from the Coalition, Labor and the Greens on more than a dozen policy areas affecting the LGBTIQ community ahead of the upcoming federal election. The parties’ responses have all been published on the Equality Australia website, and cover 18 different areas including discrimination, health, education, intersex …