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Tim Dormer Big Brother Winner

Can gay housemate Tim Dormer win Big Brother again?

It’s been a big year for the rebooted Big Brother franchise with three of our favourite queer housemates returning to the show, including former winner Tim Dormer. Tim was joined by former housemates Farmer Dave and Tully Smyth as they competed against returning players in the 2022 season. Now Tim Dormer is inches away from …

Big Brother Farmer Dave Tim Dormer Tully Smyth David Graham

Big Brother confirms our favourite queer housemates are returning

Big Brother has officially confirmed favourites Farmer Dave and Tully Smyth are also joining Tim Dormer for the 2022 returnees season. Last month the program confirmed Tim Dormer and Reggie Bird would return this year. But Big Brother has now officially released more of the cast in a teaser for the upcoming season. Big Brother …