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Rowan Dean has taken to Sky News to claim Pride Month is about turning children trans and Fascism

Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean claims Pride Month is like “fascism”

Sky News After Dark host Rowan Dean has turned to the airwaves to claim that Pride Month is actually about corporate America trying to turn children transgender and that Fascism is actually a left wing ideology. On the June 4 broadcast of Outsiders on Sky News Australia, Dean repeatedly claimed that the Progress Pride Flag …

Moira Deeming vic libs

Moira Deeming: Vic Libs struggle – toot or boot

The poor old Vic Libs are up and down like a toilet seat on the subject of Moira Deeming. In or out, up or down, toot or boot. Shantay, Moira stays, or sashay away. It’s all just too hard. In March, the recently elected upper house MP attended an anti-transgender rally also attended by supportive …

Liberal Senator Alex Antic and Josh Thomas

Liberal Senator caught out after attack on Josh Thomas comedy

Liberal Senator Alex Antic has launched an embarrassing new attack on the ABC, this time complaining about Josh Thomas’ comedy series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. In November, the Senator caused outrage for his vile homophobic slur against Courtney Act’s Play School Story Time segment, falsely calling the segment “child grooming”. In Senate Estimates on Tuesday, …

Bettina Arndt order of australia

LGBTIQ advocates oppose Bettina Arndt honour

LGBTIQ advocates this week urged the rescinding of the Order of Australia award bestowed on Bettina Arndt in January. Advocates from across the nation wrote to Government House to protest the honour. Each of the signatories previously themselves received an Order of Australia. The advocates cite commentary by Arndt they describe as based on biased …

kerri-anne kennerley studio 10

Kerri-Anne Kennerley blasts Labor in transphobic rant

Studio 10 co-host Kerri-Anne Kennerley has said a Labor election victory would mean an “end to life as we know it” and blasted the party’s transgender-inclusive policies. In an on-air rant on the Network 10 program just days ahead of the election, KAK proclaimed a Shorten government would mean “life as we know it will …

Victorian government

Conservatives furious at Victorian gender-neutral language campaign

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ Pride Network has backed a new campaign encouraging people to use gender-neutral language, including pronouns like “they” and “them” instead of “he” and “she”. The department is promoting the first Wednesday of every month as “They Day,” with staff given the option to wear stickers with their …