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The European Human Rights Court has ruled that Russia’s banning of LGBTIQ pride marches is a violation of the human right to free assembly. The country has long denied permits to and violently disrupted public demonstrations by LGBTIQ activists, and in 2013 signed into law its “gay propaganda” law, which prevents the “promotion” of “non-traditional …

Vandalised Rainbow Arch Replaced With New 'Unbreakable' Version

A new “unbreakable” rainbow celebrating the LGBTIQ community has been built in Poland after the previous version was destroyed by far-right groups. The dazzling rainbow display, lit up in a busy intersection in central Warsaw, bounces rainbow lights off of a curtain of water vapour and can’t be damaged. It was unveiled ahead of Warsaw’s …

2018 Eurovision

The glitterfest is upon us, the wind machine is set to roar and flame pots are primed for ignition. Eurovision—a camp event that has been going longer than the venerable Brisbane Queens’ Ball—is the “World Cup of Pop Music”, a sports event for people that aren’t into sport. Blair Martin, Brisbane radio station 4ZZZ’s roving …