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Keeping up the pressure against the religious freedom bill

Scott Morrison this week postponed consideration of the Religious Freedom Bill. However, Rodney Croome, spokesperson for just.equal, says the threat to LGBTIQ Australians from discrimination masquerading as ‘religious freedom’ remains. The campaign against the Religious Discrimination Bill is working, but we must keep up the pressure if we are to see it scrapped. Last week …

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Liberal senator Eric Abetz calls for investigation into Israel Folau sacking

Liberal senator Eric Abetz wants an investigation into Rugby Australia’s sacking of Israel Folau as Coalition MPs push for “religious freedom” laws. Rugby Australia terminated Folau’s $4 million contract last month after an Instagram post claiming “hell awaits” gay people. Abetz asked the Fair Work Ombudsman and the Human Rights Commission to investigate the decision …

Same-Sex Marriage Bill ‘Needs 100 Amendments,’ Conservatives Say

Conservative MPs are reportedly proposing a long list of amendments they want made to the most prominent same-sex marriage bill if a “yes” vote is returned in the postal survey next month. They plan to suggest a staggering 60 to 100 amendments to the bill put forward by Western Australian Liberal senator Dean Smith, The …