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Game Of Thrones’ Hodor May Run For Office To Get Marriage Equality

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end of the century

An almost documentary-like drama that manipulates time and memory, End of the Century takes an otherwise straightforward narrative and morphs it into something far more emotionally evocative. Following an opening ten minutes devoid of dialogue, Argentinian director Lucio Castro’s beautifully timed film focuses on Ocho (Juan Barberini). The New York-based poet arrived in Barcelona to …

Game of thrones actor hodor marriage equality

The actor who played Games of Thrones’ gentle giant Hodor has said he wants to fight for marriage equality in his home of Northern Ireland. Kristian Nairn-Hodor Played the character in the hit HBO series until his heartbreaking death last season. The actor told the Belfast Telegraph that Northern Ireland’s failure to pass same-sex marriage …