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Domestic and family violence affects all communities including transgender people and, just as it affects all people, the laws regarding domestic and family violence in Queensland, protect all people. Domestic and family violence is about power and control. It can involve physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse. The abuse need not be physical. Crissie* was …

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It’s easy to know you’re in a healthy relationship. You feel happy, safe, supported and respected. Your partner does not tell you what you can do or who you can see. They do not monitor your behaviour to ensure compliance. Domestic and family violence is not about conflict. It is about power and control. In …

domestic violence

Healthy relationships work best when they are built on love and mutual respect, but sometimes people can find themselves stuck in a relationship that is more about abuse and control… this is domestic violence. It can happen to anyone – including LGBTIQ people, and it doesn’t have to be your partner, it could be a …