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Coroner Delivers Open Finding At Matthew Leveson Inquest

Deputy state coroner Elaine Truscott has delivered an open finding at the inquest into the death of Matthew (Matt) Leveson. Leveson, 20, went missing in 2007 and was last seen leaving ARQ nightclub in Sydney with his boyfriend, then 45-year-old Michael Atkins. Matt’s parents, Mark and Faye Leveson, who the inquest was told believe Atkins …

death of gay man Scott Johnson near Sydney

Coroner Rules Scott Johnson’s Death Result Of Gay Hate Attack

It’s taken three inquests and almost 30 years but a coroner today found that 27-year-old American mathematician Scott Johnson‘s death in 1988 was the result of a gay hate attack. The finding vindicates his family’s enduring belief that he was targeted during Sydney’s notorious wave of homophobic crime in the 1980s. Johnson’s naked body was …