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Cook Islands decriminalises homosexuality 🏳️‍🌈

The Cook Islands last night decriminalised homosexuality, removing ‘indecent acts between males’ from the Crimes Act. Previously, gay men risked up to five years in prison under the law. People allowing ‘indecent acts between males’ on their premises risked up to ten years jailtime. However, the Pacific nation never enforced either law. A spokesperson for …

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Cook Islands to hold first Pride Day to fight anti-gay laws

The Cook Islands will hold its first Pride Day this month, as the country’s LGBTIQ community fights to have homosexuality decriminalised. In 2017, the Cook Islands Parliament removed “indecent acts between men” and “sodomy” from a draft Crimes Bill. However, in November the government backflipped and reinstated the clause to the draft Bill after pressure …

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Cook Islands backflips on legalising gay sex after church pressure

Politicians in the Cook Islands have backtracked on decriminalising homosexuality in the Pacific nation, reportedly under pressure from church leaders. Two years ago, the Cook Islands Parliament was praised for removing “indecent acts between men” and “sodomy” from a draft Crimes Bill. But last weekend the chairman of a committee, Tingika Elikana, said the government …