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Lesbians Incorporated

Community group Lesbians Incorporated is offering grants of up to $1000 each for projects around the country that support lesbians and queer women. Lesbians Inc is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that advocates for and supports all lesbians and queer women including those who are transgender, non-binary, bisexual, queer or asexual. Since 2000, the group has …


It’s that time of the year when singers are lured out of their showers and into the joyful embrace of the Brisbane Pride Choir. Yes, the shower has great acoustics, but it will never equal the joy and friendship found in a choir. The Brisbane Pride Choir is a non-auditioned group, so everyone is welcome. …

Rainbow Families Queensland members gather together at an event in a park

The newly-relaunched Rainbow Families Queensland are planning a group camping weekend for same-sex parents and their children in January. Rainbow Families Queensland convenor Holly Zwalf said there would be activities for all ages, a place to swim, campfires, music and more at the campsite in the Gympie region. She said camping sites, powered sites, onsite …