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Stoker Hanson senate Good News/Bad News

Good news: Stoker lost – Bad news: Palmer votes elect Hanson

So, the final vote count for the Queensland Senate sees a classic Good News/Bad News situation. In the Good News, Amanda Stoker remains unelectable. In the Bad News, Pauline Hanson returns on the back of votes that cost Clive Palmer an estimated $100 million. But in VERY GOOD NEWS, Queensland did not elect George Christensen, …

far-right moderate apologists

Australia turns on far-right and their moderate apologists

While focussing on Labor’s diminished vote, many miss that this election Australians overwhelmingly voted for progressive politics. Despite a clumsy attempt at contriving an ‘anti-woke’ revolution, Labor, the Greens and the independents enjoyed a huge combined swing. The far-right and their moderate apologists suffered a massive defeat. Apology: Last night, a writer for this publication …

folau return qrl clive palmer

Ferocious backlash over proposed return of Israel Folau

Sources within the Queensland Rugby League (QRL) say the proposed return of Israel Folau to Rugby League has prompted the most ferocious backlash in the organisation’s history. Brisbane’s Courier-Mail reports that the gay and lesbian community bombarded the QRL with complaints in recent days. Previously, Folau’s billionaire backer Clive Palmer threatened legal action against the …

GoFundMe israel folau clive palmer folau rugby league comeback

Billionaire backing Israel Folau rugby league comeback

In an ad on the front page of today’s Courier-Mail, billionaire Clive Palmer calls for the return of Israel Folau to rugby league. The paper reports the pair will front a joint press conference today where they will announce plans for a Folau rugby league comeback. Update Later today, Palmer pledged at the press conference …

election special queensland vote

Queensland votes – Queer Newsweek election special

Queensland goes to the polls this Saturday 31 October. Shelley Argent joins us on Queer Newsweek for an election special. As at previous elections, prior to the Queensland vote, Shelley contacted the major parties concerning their LGBTIQ+ policies. Scroll down for video Letters from Deputy Premier and Shadow Attorney-General at bottom of the article. Shelley …

Clive Palmer's United Australia Party flasher

Election 2019: Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party Flasher

A Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party volunteer allegedly exposed himself at a polling station yesterday. Police spoke to the flasher at the Bankstown Public School soon after the incident. The 67-year-old man allegedly exposed himself in front of three women and a man. Police alleged the man committed the act after a dispute at the …