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Andre Afamasaga Folau

Former preacher Andre Afamasaga comes out because of Folau

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, former preacher Andre Afamasaga outs himself in support of those hurt by the ongoing Folau saga. Andre speaks of the “LGBTIQ+ people from Pacific Island and Christian communities” as  “unseen casualties” of the controversy. He says, “This saga reveals a homophobia deeply rooted in religious beliefs and cultural values.” Further, …

Mary Magdalene

REVIEW: Rooney Mara Stars In Slow-Burning Drama ‘Mary Magdalene’

There’s never really been any evidence that Mary Magdalene was the sinful prostitute history painted her as. As a supporting character in other biblical-themed films, her tarnished reputation made for a serviceable arc as she was placed predominantly in the background. For Mary Magdalene, Australian director Garth Davis (Lion) has worked with historians in a …

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Tells Christians To Stop Judging LGBT Community

Dolly Parton has all the time in the world for her huge LGBT fan base – but little time for judgemental Christians. In an interview on Larry King Live the country music legend revealed that she often gets pushback from her Christian fans about her LGBT fans. “I keep saying, ‘If you’re the fine Christian …