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Bond actor allegedly killed by Grindr hookup

James Bond actor, Eric Michels, died after an injection of chemsex drug GHB administered by a fraudster who targeted men on Grindr. Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC told the Old Bailey court that 25-year-old Gerald Matovu used the Grindr app to target gay men for robbery. Matovu injected the actor with GHB then photographed his credit …

two men participating in chemsex

AskDocQ: When things go wrong during chemsex, getting urgent help may save your life

If you or someone you know uses drugs such as crystal meth, mephedrone or GHB, especially in “chemsex” situations with strangers, then it’s important to understand how to manage common emergencies in this environment. Things can go seriously wrong, and urgent help may be life-saving. People have died due to the seriousness of their condition …


Gay Men Having Chemsex Are Five Times More Likely To Contract HIV

Gay and bisexual men who use drugs while having sex are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs, a new study has found. The study, published in the medical journal HIV Medicine, reviewed information from 1,840 gay and bisexual men who used two sexual health clinics in London between 2014 …