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Neurodiversity: something many people have without knowing!

Neurodiversity may sound like the name of a 1980’s kink club, but it is something very real that many people have without knowing! Paul Martin is the Senior Psychologist at the Centre for Human Potential. Neurodiversity includes things like ADHD and Autism Spectrum. A large number of human brains are wired differently. The large proportion of …


Wellbeing: sadness performs an important function

Sadness and grief can suck. Those feelings don’t feel good, so understandably, people give them a wide berth. But there’s a big spectrum of sadness. It can be the ‘bitch, please’ frustration of your miniature pooch Fifi Lovepuff chewing up the Art Deco diamante tiara you wanted her to wear at the Pride Fair Day. …


Strategies for dealing with unhealthily high levels of anxiety

Anxiety is an important emotion as it keeps us physically safe. When a psychotic rabies-infected emu threatens to maul you, anxiety will prompt you to flee the danger. But that doesn’t happen often. Unhealthily high anxiety levels are generally not helpful. Words: Paul Martin is the Senior Psychologist at the Centre for Human Potential. Anxiety can severely …

recreational drug use

Avoid addiction: recreational drug use during party season

Clutch your pearls and hose off your powdered apricot crotchet short shorts. It is party season! For some in our communities, a central element of partying is recreational drug use. While this can add a sense of fun to the festivities, there are obvious risks including addiction. Being human and given the way our brains …